Lost Weight This Holiday Season

Posted by Thomas Finch on 12/11/2013 to Weight Loss
With the holidays just around the corner and many festivities already under way, help yourself stick to your goals by having a PLAN. 

 I advocate P*L*A*N: Powerful Life and Nourishment! Choose to be a leader by taking a stand for your health (and setting an example for others)! Here are 17 simple ways to beat the gain: 

1.  Tweak favourite recipes so they support your health goals 
2.  Keep healthy foods available 
3.  Set aside time to move your body 
4.  Go to bed early (fatigue feeds cravings!) 
5.  Self-care (things that make you feel cherished) 
6.  Ask yourself “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?” 
7.  Open up to ways to nourish yourself other than food 
8.  Consciously indulge as you see fit, knowing what won’t work for your body 
9.  Give yourself the gift of true nourishment 
10.  Drink water (people often mistake thirst for hunger, drinking it also helps you feel full and flush out toxins)  
11.  Go easy on the alcohol (remember, alcohol is a source of calories)  
12.  Stay away from sodas (big source of empty calories and sugar crashes that increase cravings) 
13.  Up your protein a little to prolong the feeling of fullness between meals 
14.  Think positively :) (experts note that low self-esteem can be a major cause of overeating) focus on your assets and best qualities 
15.  Relax! (when we are stressed we release more cortisol which causes us to crave high fat, high carbohydrate foods) 
16.  Take African Mango+® with WellTrim IG® before your 2 largest meals with a big glass of water (naturally help curb your appetite while boosting your metabolism and blocking fat storage) 
17.  Take WeightOFF® MAX before your 2 largest meals with a big glass of water (7 key ingredients work together to optimize your body for fat loss without over-stimulating your system with caffeine) 

 I encourage and empower you to make choices that nurture YOU this holiday season, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Remember, strive for progress not perfection. It’s more than just exercising and eating right, it’s about finding what works for you, step by step, one healthy choice at a time.