Green Coffee Bean – What You Need To Know

Posted by Ryan Foley on 2/5/2014 to Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean and green coffee bean extract have gotten lots of media attention from serious coverage by a popular TV doctor.  So why has there been so much coverage on green coffee beans as a weight loss aid and what do you need to know about this nutrient?

photo of Green Coffee Beans - their extract

Let's begin by clearing up some misconceptions about the plant.  First, green coffee bean is naturally decaffeinated and is actually the seed of the red coffee berry.  Caffeine is only present when you roast the raw green coffee bean as this process converts the naturally occurring anti-oxidant chlorogenic acid and its isomers to caffeine.

It is actually the chlorogenic acid and the active isomers of chlorogenic acid that make green coffee bean a powerful weight loss solution as it has the ability to block the usage of carbohydrates in the body.  When carbohydrates are made less available in the body, the body becomes a fat burning machine because the body must fuel itself and does so by burning stored body fat.  That's why green coffee bean has received so much media attention and has called a “miracle fat burner.”

“Not all green coffee beans are created equal.  For weight loss success, you must look for a specific ratio of chlorogenic acid to isomers of chlorogenic acid.”

What people fail to realize is that not all green coffee bean extracts are created equal.    When purchasing a green coffee bean product it is very important to read the label carefully.  You should be looking for your product to be standardized for chlorogenic acids and the active isomer of chlorogenic acid - 5-caffeoyliquinic acid.  This isomer must be present in a ratio of approximately 5:1 chlorogenic acid to 5-caffeoyliquinic acid.  In other words, to lose weight effectively, for every 100 mg of chlorogenic acid you must have approximately 20 mg of 5-caffeoyliquinic acid present

If you do not see these two compounds on the label in this exact ratio you are not getting the authentic green coffee bean material shown in 11 published clinical studies to be both safe and effective.

Only NuvoCare SlimCentials® Green Coffee Bean+ with SVETOL® green coffee bean extract is standardized to contain this precise 5:1 ratio that was shown in a double blind placebo controlled study help test subjects lose between 11-14 pounds in 60 days when 200 mg of SVETOL was taken twice daily before your two largest meals.

What's the bottom line? Don't purchase a “green coffee bean weight loss” product only standardized for chlorogenic acid without the isomer as this critical isomer acts like the key that opens up this powerful weight loss nutrients effects! Buy the best product to get the best weight loss results: NuvoCare SlimCentials® Green Coffee Bean+ with SVETOL® green coffee bean extract.